Welcome to District 35 – Alcoholics Anonymous in Green Co. Wisconsin

GreenCountyAA.org consists of meeting information for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups, actively meeting in Area 75's - 35th District in South Central Wisconsin.

AA Meetings are roughly located throughout Green County and one can be found every day of the week.

District 35's mission is as found in the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. To carry the message of recovery from alcoholism, by sharing our recovery experience of working the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. District 35 provides support from the efforts of our volunteer members to remain ever willing to help the next still-suffering alcoholic find their way to peace and sobriety.

Responsibility Statement:
When anyone anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that, "I am responsible!"

Potluck & Open Speaker on Friday, Nov. 20th in Monticello!
See poster below for details >>


This is NOT the official website of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services.
You may find Alcoholics Anonymous at: AA.org

We are not a glum lot, in meetings we can laugh and share our sometimes sad sometimes hilarious stories of how we recovered from the hopelessness state of mind and the unmanagable alcoholic life: What life was like when we were drinking, what happened to us that made us decide we had to stop and what life is like living without alcohol.

Offering our experience, strength and hope is the responsibility we carry to maintain our own recovery, and thus, keeping us sober "one day at a time".

We try to maintain the content on this site as regularly as possible but our hope is that the meeting locations and times listed here are as accurate as possible. That said, any information linked to or from this domain is not managed by the volunteers of District 35, and thus District 35 cannot prevent inaccuracies.

For an official list of meetings in all of Southern Wisconsin, please visit: Area75.org.

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